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What Skills Will Teens Need to Know for Their Tomorrow?

careers of the future, future of work

How do we prepare our students for what’s next? This question is on the minds and in the discussions of educators who daily confront the challenge of preparing students for the future of work in a world still unknown. To be honest, no one knows precisely what proficiencies and abilities will be required across different jobs and work settings. However, we can focus on the skills that the most successful workers use today in the current wave of new jobs.

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Current Career Trends That Hint at the Future

careers of the future


According to a new report in Education Week, "technological change, globalization, and climate instability are happening at an accelerating pace all across the world. Artificial intelligence and automation are the engines driving much of the transformation in the workplace." Educators are increasingly aware of the need to prepare their students for a world not yet known.

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