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Who Benefits in a Student-Centered Learning Classroom?

student-centered learning, experiential learning

In the traditional classroom, a teacher is in charge of the curricular goals for the day and provides content in a lecture-style format. How does that teacher know if the goals are met? Typically, some form of graded work product is used to assess the level of comprehension. While this method may work fine for some students, many others are left behind.

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What Is Experiential Learning and How Does It Work?

experiential learning

“Learn by doing.”

This phrase has gained traction in the education world in the past few decades. One example, project-based learning, is becoming more widely used in classrooms throughout the country. However, not all educators are on board. 

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Why Your Teen Gains From Learning Experiences

parents and education, experiential learning

As every parent knows firsthand, developmental growth during the teen years rivals that of the first two years of your child’s life. Cognitively, teens are beginning to think for themselves and interpret the world around them in new ways. You probably experience your child’s move toward independence as both frustrating and encouraging. That behavior is not only normal but is necessary for healthy intellectual development.

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