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How Teens Become Secure in Who They Are

Posted by Blyth-Templeton Academy

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“Since coming to BTA, I have become more confident in my own independence, critical thinking, and ability to make informed decisions. BTA’s encouragement of freedom and self-sufficiency has made a respectful and relaxed space for my strong sense of self while simultaneously exposing me to new people and perspective. “ - BTA 12th Grade Student

 Adolescence can be a challenging time for families. Teens struggle to move away from the guidance and support of their parents, to develop independence and security. Sometimes it doesn’t work as well as they want and their emotions take a roller coaster ride.

Teens are trying to become adults. In that process, young people use their peers, and others they admire, to get ideas about different personas to try on. They often experiment with different identities to explore what personal characteristics feel like a fit.

Teens, like most of us, learn about the social world by observation. In their attempts at adult behavior, they tend to be heavily influenced by mass media portrayals of culture. Pop culture provides a wide range of examples for teens to pick from when exploring different identities.

We are certain that parents look for good role models that can guide their adolescents through the social-emotional changes. Adults and peers that model positive qualities and demonstrate helpful ways of managing emotions are critical for gaining a healthy and secure identity.

At Blyth-Templeton Academy we see how teens develop their sense of identity through how others see them - what psychologists term “the looking-glass self.” Our approach to education is designed to create the safe spaces for our students to learn about themselves. We want them to develop their unique and secure identities through experiences of exploration and learning. How do we accomplish this?

We are committed to providing a small, inclusive school environment that encourages the students to know each other well. In our small classrooms, students find a community where they feel they belong, are not judged, are respected, listened to actively, and where they can be individuals without the pressure to conform. All students can be comfortable to try, fail, try again, succeed, grow, share, and know their peers and teachers are there for them no matter what happens. 

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