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Celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week at Blyth-Templeton Academy Nashville: Introducing our New Team Members

learning community, private educaton, Nashville

We are not just building a school; we are creating a community. Together, we are building a team of students, families, and teachers working together to achieve greatness.

In celebration of National Teacher Appreciation Week, we would like to share more about a few of the rock stars who have joined our team and are ready to transform education in the city of Nashville!

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What It's Like to Teach Computer Science and Math at Blyth-Templeton Academy DC: An Interview with David Sekora

experiential learning, Washington D.C.

The Blyth-Templeton Academy approach to education is unique: lots of experiential learning, an emphasis on student learning for its own sake, a personalized classroom environment. We know that our students and families appreciate the BTA method, but what about the teachers that make it all possible?

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, we asked David Sekora, a Computer Science and Mathematics teacher, to share some stories from his years teaching at Blyth-Templeton Academy DC.

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The "Why" Behind BTA Nashville

motivating teens, skills for the future, Nashville

In addition to this blog, Kalee also spoke to New in Nashville podcast host, Elam Freeman, about the founding of Blyth-Templeton in Nashville. In their conversation she discusses her background in experiential and innovative education. They also discuss Blyth-Templeton's unique model and how it fits into the Nashville educational landscape. If you are an urban living proponent or you are looking for an innovative education option for your family, you'll find this episode enlightening and informative.

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The Students at Blyth-Templeton Academy Learn #MathStatMonth Skills By Solving Real World Problems

skills for the future, lifelong learning, Nashville

In August of 2007, I found myself studying a new curriculum, getting to know a new classroom and my new coworkers, experiencing the culture of a new workplace, and trying to prepare for my first teaching job ever. The only thing I knew for certain was that I had no idea what I was doing, and even this was a vague notion. I did not have an understanding of what skills I lacked or what skills I even needed to be good at this important new job. My last hands-on experience in a classroom was as a graduate student pursuing a Ph.D. in Cancer Biology, where I was provided stacks of reading...

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Degrees or Skills? Which Make Students “Most Likely to Succeed?”

parents and education, lifelong learning

As I often joke with friends, it always feels like a decisive moment in education. And alas, education tends to evolve at a glacial pace.

Here are some much posed questions in education these days:  what does it mean for a student to be successful? what does it mean for any person to be successful? who really is most likely to succeed? Do students need skills or credentialing in order to thrive long-term?

The ensuing debate makes it seem like a defining moment in education.

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