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City as a Classroom

experiential learning, lifelong learning, Nashville

With a motto that includes“using the city as a classroom,” we are committed to giving our staff the tools they need to lead our students in a truly experiential learning model next year. One way we’ve done this is by challenging the traditional model of professional development that says to “sit in the seat and listen to the leader.” Instead, we are learning experientially as we prepare for the new school year.

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Celebrating International Museum Day at Blyth Templeton Academy

experiential learning, lifelong learning, Nashville

Did you know May 18 is International Museum Day? As educators at Blyth Templeton Academy we feel lucky to live and work in a community ripe with historical and cultural attractions that capture the hearts of visitors from around the world.

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What It's Like to Teach Computer Science and Math at Blyth-Templeton Academy DC: An Interview with David Sekora

experiential learning, Washington D.C.

The Blyth-Templeton Academy approach to education is unique: lots of experiential learning, an emphasis on student learning for its own sake, a personalized classroom environment. We know that our students and families appreciate the BTA method, but what about the teachers that make it all possible?

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, we asked David Sekora, a Computer Science and Mathematics teacher, to share some stories from his years teaching at Blyth-Templeton Academy DC.

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Can Personalized Learning Prepare Students for 21st Century College, Work, and Life?

student-centered learning, experiential learning

We know that the stakes feel high when it comes to education. Parents and students are often worrying about college options and career paths from the very beginning of the educational journey. 

Education is ultimately about helping each and every child thrive. The test scores and the college offers and the career paths will unfold naturally before the student who is passionate, engaged in learning, and confident in their own ability to learn and grow.

How do you encourage students in these qualities? You put them in a personalized, student-centered classroom environment. Keep reading as we...

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Why Washington, D.C. is a Prime Location for Place-Based Learning

student-centered learning, experiential learning, Washington D.C.

Our nation’s capitol means many things to many people: a city of rich historical tradition, the home of important policy and cultural conversations, a popular tourist destination, a place with international power and significance.

For us at Blyth-Templeton Academy DC, Washington, D.C. is our home and community, the location of our founding school, and the ideal type of city for our specialized place-based education model to take root.

In this post, we explain what place-based education looks like in the city of D.C. and how our students take advantage of this city’s vast resources for...

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