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How Private School in D.C. Can Be Accessible to All Families

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The education landscape of D.C. can be difficult for families to navigate for both positive and negative reasons.  On the positive side, D.C. has a wide variety of school choices based on program, location, and cost. On the negative side, it’s a challenge to find the right fit for your family with so many choices.  

Public, charter, parochial and private schools are the traditional routes when it comes to education in D.C., but for many families there is never the opportunity for a true choice for their child. 

What can families do? Money doesn’t grow on trees, and if families don’t have...

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Are Teens Trying Too Hard To Be Perfect?

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Researchers have begun to find interesting patterns in the increase of mental health struggles in teens, including anxiety and depression. While some have tried to pin these phenomena on increased screen time, social media, and lack of interpersonal skills, there is an additional field of thought that technology may not be the root of all struggles.

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Four Ways to Make Your Teen a Lifelong Learner

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One of the trickiest aspects of cultivating lifelong learning is that lifelong learners are not taught. They learn by example and by trial and error. They learn by seeing adults model continuous learning habits – persistence, curiosity, constant learning. Teens have the opportunity to learn these traits from  their parents. 

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Your Teen's World of Social Media

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“With the explosion of devices and forms of content in today’s media landscape, it is increasingly challenging to measure the time youth spend and the things they do with media and technology. Media devices are portable, ubiquitous, and integrated as essential tools in young people’s lives…” Common Sense Census

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Parenting Teens in the World of Social Media

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Sometimes it may seem that every new study about social media tells us that it is bad for our kids. It leads to increases in depression and anxiety. It causes distraction and grades to fall. The temptation may be just to remove it. Take it away from your child. But realistically, social media is almost a mandatory part of the current generation's coming of age. The question for parents then, becomes: how can we support our teens in a social media world? How can we continue to parent them when they exist in a world seemingly without adults?

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