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What College Admissions Officers Are REALLY Looking For in a High Schooler

parents and education, skills for the future

Ask any student what the most stressful part of their final year and a half of high school has been, and the majority will respond - college applications.

At a time in their life where young people are highly impressionable, beginning to solidify the ideals and patterns of thinking that will serve them for the rest of their lives - they are concurrently under intense pressure and stress, often dealing with unhealthy levels of anxiety.

And their anxiety doesn’t even compare to what their parents are feeling.

Keep reading as we explore what a college admissions office is really looking for...

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How to Choose the Best Private School for Your Teen

parents and education, private educaton

Selecting the right private school is an important decision for families. Your decision to choose private education for your teen launched a challenging search. Now, you face the task of selecting from the many options for private schools in your neighborhood or surrounding cities. 

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Why Invest in a Private School Education?

parents and education

Choosing a school for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make, and the options are numerous. It seems that choices have multiplied in recent years – public, private, charter, secular, religious, independent, magnet. While it may look like there is an abundance of possibilities, the first decision to make is public vs. private. There are pros and cons to both types of education, but let's look at some of the benefits to private schooling.

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Why Your Teen Gains From Learning Experiences

parents and education, experiential learning

As every parent knows firsthand, developmental growth during the teen years rivals that of the first two years of your child’s life. Cognitively, teens are beginning to think for themselves and interpret the world around them in new ways. You probably experience your child’s move toward independence as both frustrating and encouraging. That behavior is not only normal but is necessary for healthy intellectual development.

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Degrees or Skills? Who is “Most Likely to Succeed?”

parents and education

 As I often joke with friends, it always feels like a decisive moment in education. And alas, education tends to evolve at a glacial pace. A much posed question these days is what does it mean to be successful, and who really is most likely to succeed?!  The ensuing debate makes it seem like a defining moment in education.

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