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Why Your Teen Struggles to Find a Secure Identity

parents, adolescent development

Think back to your child's toddler years. Toddlers are extremely curious, eager to test boundaries, developing personalities and discovering preferences. Parents learn to balance the joy of watching a young child grow as an individual with the challenge of setting limits and managing emotional outburst. What do toddlers have to do with your teen? 

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Exploration Can Unlock the Power of Possibility For Teens

self-esteem, parents

High school is a time of growth and opportunity for teens. Students begin to explore who they are and who they want to become. It can be an exciting time; it can also be a time of significant challenge for teens. Tension is a natural part of the teen learning process. 

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Motivating Teenagers: Finding Opportunities in Their World

parents, motivating teens


If you listen to pop culture messages, you'll hear that teenagers are an unmotivated bunch. Not true. While goals change between late childhood and adolescence, motivation is still there. It’s a good thing that their interests, hopes, and dreams are changing at this age. For parents, however, it can be hard to keep up with those rapid changes happening with their teens.

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